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Monday, June 11, 2012

Womanhood and sharing

Just read an article in Shanghai Daily. The article was about a Chinese American, Joy Chen and her book for Chinese women, "Do not marry before 30."

Joy’s mantra is, in your 20s learn to become independent, grow, have fun, and explore life’s possibilities. Women should play, learn and mature in their 20s rather than rush to get married just because everyone rushes and pushes them to marry. It was really an interesting, thought provoking, article.

Joy Chen is born and brought up in U.S.A. She is former Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and global corporate headhunter. Four years ago, Joy got married with an American businessman, at the age of 38. She has two young daughters. According to successful Chinese woman’s "standards" now she has everything.

“In China, the hardest part of being a woman and going through all kinds of issues is that we never talk about it with other woman, which is very important." When I read it I was stunned. So Chinese women also don’t talk about their issues with other women?
Just like today, I was stunned three years ago. I was watching an episode of “Desperate Housewives”. Lynette, a character in the series, is raising her four young kids without any support system. Lynette’s husband is pretty busy, on business trips or at work. She is going through the feeling of helplessness, imperfection and is close to breaking point. In that episode she shares her feelings, thoughts with her friends, Bree and Susan. Lynette cries out of frustration in that very sensitive scene. Finally, she asks her friends “why none told me this before?”

I will say this particular scene (Season 1, Episode 8) is must watch for every young mother.

Is that American women also don't talk about their issues with other women?
I also have sam]\e feelings as an Indian woman. Why no one told me this before? Especially, how my life was upside down after I became a mother. I do keep sharing the same concern with my few close friends. I couldn’t visualize, imagine my life this way before. Why? So we, Indian women also don’t talk about our issues with other women?

Or above mentioned are just exceptional cases?
One thing is sure that when it comes to women it really doesn’t matter what your nationality is! Whether you are Indian, Chinese or American it really doesn’t matter .

What really matters is sharing with each other….

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