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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Brahmi Chutney

Here I am once again sharing my new experiment in kitchen. In my last blog entry I had written about Thankuni Pata (Bengali name) aka Brahmi or mandukparni ( Sanskrit, Marathi and Hindi name) aka Centella asiatica ( English name). Before coming to Dhaka, I had read, heard about Brahmi in my Basic Ayurveda studies. Here, for the first time, I am actually seeing and using this medical plant,...as vegetable ! Last evening, finally I tasted it in form of chutney. 

While writing this, I googled about Brahmi just out of curiosity. Ohh! it's so useful they say. Brahmi is good for stomach diseases, it is used for treating anxiety, it is good for glowing skin ...and the list goes on. I was just knowing that its good for brain functions, memory and that Brahmi oil is  good for hair growth. 

 So here is the recipe. 


25-30 Brahmi leaves, 
6-7 Garlic cloves, 
2 Green chillies, 
1 tsp onion seeds, 
and salt as per taste. 


Remove the stems of Brahmi leaves. Wash the leaves and strain the water. In a mixer jar put all the ingredients and make fine paste. Your healthy and hot chutney is ready. 

Bengali people do eat this chutney with rice. I tried it with vadas and with chapati.  My son had brahmi chutney in his sandwich. :-). 

This chutney was so hot (basically because of chilies and garlic), that it made my tongue numb and nose run. But I liked it that way! 

If you find these leaves please do try this chutney. I loved it. Hope you will also like it.

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